Seminar Services

Private seminars conducted at your facility. You define the topics, choose the expertise. Free flow of questions, ideas, strategies. Conducted by technologists and/or marketers, each with decades of experience.

Professional Expertise Available for Your Seminar

Motor Design

Drive/Controller Design

Generator Design

Mechanical Design

Markets, Applications, Product Technology

Domestic and International Market Strategies

Seminars Well Received and Topical

  1. The characteristics, benefits, drawbacks, matching applications for 11 Motor Technologies.
  2. How and where  Switched and Synchronous Reluctance Motors and Drives make sense.   In depth technical and design discussions.
  3. Review of U.S. Servo and ASD Markets  (Markets and Technology)
  4. How and where Brushless PM Motor and Drives makes sense.    In depth technical and design discussions.
  5. Motor Selection and Application Load Matching

Design Tools Used in Seminar Examples