Our Team

Over the 30 years we have been in business, MTT has created relationships with many of the top independent experts in the areas of electric motor and control technology.   These MTT Associates are available to support MTT projects where their expertise matches well with the specific need of a client.    Their expertise is based on decades of experience.


George Gulalo – Co-founder of MTT in 1983. BEE and MBA; Design Engineer at IBM; Strategic Marketer at TRW Electric Components. Project manager of dozens of technical and market projects for MTT clients. Author of over 100 reports (custom and open market) in the technology and markets of our focus. Digital control designer and collaborator in electric motor and generator designs.


Dan Jones – Co-founder of MTT in 1983. Active designer of electric motors and generators. Researcher, strategist, noted technology, and market expert with over 50 years of electric motors. Author of numerous articles on electric motor markets, applications, and technology.


EXPERTISE (Number of Associates)

Electro-Magnetic Machine Design (6)

    Brushless pm (motors and generators)

    AC Induction (motors and generators)

    Brush dc pm (motors)

    Steppers (motors)

    Switched Reluctance (motors)



Motor Drives and Motion Control (5)


Prototype Build, Assembly, Test (3)


Marketing, Market Research, Sales Enhancement, Strategic Planning (7)


MTT proposals include a brief bio of each Associate who is matched to best serve your project.