About Us

Our Industry and Technical Focus

MTT is an engineering and marketing consultancy where our focus is the electrical rotating machinery, power conversion and motion components and system marketplace.     Our interest in components (electrical, electronic or mechanical) and systems (motion or power capture) revolves around their use with electric motors and generators.

A Unique Combination of Capabilities

MTT may be unique among boutique consultancies in our field.   We have the ability to provide strategic insight backed up by focused market research.   Our team has developed an understanding of this technical market as degreed engineers and some of whom are working engineers and designers of rotating machines, power conversion and motion systems.

Founding Philosophy Animates MTT’s Role in Our Industry Today

Founded in 1983 by George Gulalo and Dan Jones, the founding team reflects the strengths and versatility of MTT.   George Gulalo is an electrical engineer who pioneered within IBM integrated circuit tester designs.   His career migration led him to strategic planning and high level account sales in the electric components field where he led TRW in to the power supply field in support of IBM computers.

George Gulalo’s need to understand the dynamics of the electric motor field for TRW led to a collaboration with Dan Jones, who himself is a rare combination of a noted motor designer and globally recognized industry market guru.   A few years later they formed MTT

Core to our philosophy and contribution to the industry is the notion that you must understand the technology before you can contribute to the formulation of market and strategic direction for your clients.

And conversely, design and technical evaluation activities are significantly enhanced when you have an understanding of the forces that shape the market, motivate the customer and animate the competition.